Exhaust giulietta qv

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exhaust giulietta qv

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exhaust giulietta qv

We at Supersprint designed a race Downpipe kit, with smooth bends and a high-volume HJS Mototrsport catalytic, and a free-flowing rear muffler.

This Supersprint exhaust is available in multiple options, allowing for a high degree of sound and styling customization. Select brand, series, model code and model and choose the Supersprint Exhaust Systems. Rear muffler kit Full kit only. The final result is astounding. Available while stock lasts Threaded bung for oxygen sensor provided Oval endpipe Twin oval endpipe Flat oval endpipe With certificate of authenticity - Compliance to sound regulations With certificate of conformity for classic exhaust design.

These systems can only be used for racing purpose exclusively, in conjunction with the modifications of the engine management system. All modifications must be carried out by qualified personnel only, under the liability of the car owner and at his expense.

Supersprint guarantee is limited to the quality, workmanship and correctly fitting to the intended car model for all race products. Alfa Romeo.

Giulietta qv 1750 Direct Exhaust

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Alfa Romeo Giulia QV / Stelvio QV Exhaust Pipes

Component E.We look at Giulietta tuning and report on the best modifications. Alfa Romeo Giulietta are often unfairly overlooked cars and with a few sensible performance modifications you can greatly increase your driving enjoyment of them.

They go very well in standard form and are practical everyday cars. The Giulietta is a good basis for a car tuning project. It was offered with a well specified range of petrol and diesel engines. We particularly like the 1. Uprating your Giulietta's cornering and general handling is often a big priority. Don't go too mad when it comes to lowering your car, a drop of around 35mm will make a noticeable difference.

Bear in mind that a track day suspension setup will be hard to live with on our roads with potholes and rough surfaces to contend with. The overall aim in Giulietta engine tuning should be to increase peak power and torque at the top end and have a nice flat torque curve that starts low down.

When it comes to car tuning you always get a percentage gain so start off with a powerful engine to start with to maximise your tuning investment - the bhp JDm-2 editions work very well indeed. Bear in mind the mantra that you want to keep as much low end power as you can and aim for a wide power band rather than a narrow top end power spike. The following modifications are usually performed by our members, decide how far you want to go before you begin. Getting the right mods for your planned usage of the car is vital.

Stage 3 competition mods just don't work well on the road. Typical stage 1 mods often include: Exhaust, Panel air filter, Remap, lighter flywheel. Fast road cams are generally one of the best power mods you can do to your engine.

But you need to select the right profile, for advice on cam selection see our tuning articles for more information. You will need to ensure that the engine is not starved of fuel so will need to uprate the fuelling. Using uprated injectors and a bigger capacity fuel pump deals with the fuelling issue. Let's move on to the engine intake and exhaust and ensure proper flow through the engine. You need to derestrict the airflow into the engine as much as possible and the bottleneck on most engines is the air filter so fitting a cotton panel air filter will address this.

When it comes to exhaust the key thing is flow rate. Big exhausts do not always flow better so don't go sticking on the biggest pipe you can buy!

See our article on performance exhausts for details of the issue around large bore exhausts and how to choose the right size for your engine. Getting the head ported and polished will further help more air into each cylinder. This is definately a job for a professional with a flow bench. A good fast road power clutch will help to keep that power going where it should. Never just hope that a standard worn clutch will cope.

Despite the large cost involved adding forced induction to a NASP engine will give large power gains. Superchargers are generally easier to add than turbos. Turbos give boost in exponential proportion to increasing engine speed and this can make mapping difficult.

exhaust giulietta qv

The nice steady boost to rpm characteristics of the supercharger make them easier to map. To cope with forced induction you will usually need to decrease the compression ratio of the engine. The benefits of alloy wheels include a lower unsprung weight and more efficient brake cooling. Large wheels tend to be heavy and the last thing you want is to increase the unsprung mass in your car, instead choose performance tyres and light weight wheels of a similar size to the OEM settings on your car.

For this reason we would advise sticking to a maximum wheel size of 16 inches, although we know some of our members have gone larger than this with no problems.Back in the old days, Alfa Romeos could be sold on looks alone. But those days are long gone. Now the Italian company wants their cars to be known for their sophistication, technology and driving fun.

Akrapovic Giulia QV Ti exhaust

From the outset, the five-door family hatchback, now in its third generation, seems to have put things back into perspective for a company once plagued with slow sales. It is undoubtedly stylish and practical. The Giulietta is offered in three engine options — a base 1. Price excl. They just look very special, and the Giulietta QV is the only car in its class where using the word beautiful to describe its styling is appropriate.

From the neat front-end and smooth flowing shoulder crease to the striking elongated rear light clusters and hidden rear door handles, the Giulietta is stylish yet sporty from every angle. We especially like the bright silver wing mirrors and the design of those inch alloy wheels. Inside, however, things are a little disappointing. The layout of the buttons and switchgear on the dashboard is not very functional nor user friendly.

The centre arm rest is too high and at a position that can be obstructive when changing gears, although it can be lifted and stored away.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta (940)

We also find the A-pillars to be too thick, affecting visibility when cornering. However, the sculpted sport seats up front are very comfortable and provide good support. Accompanying the linear power delivery is Nm of torque available from as low as 1, rpm.

Putting those power onto the tarmac is a slick close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox with a light clutch driving the front wheels. Built on an excellent chassis tied to a beautifully balanced suspension setup, this thing is amusing to drive. Just beyond the shifter is a switch called DNA. It offers three mode of driving — All Weather for going through slippery surfaces or snow, Normal for a smoother, softer throttle response suitable for daily driving, and Dynamic for a much more enthusiastic drive.

Forget about the rest of the modes and flick to Dynamic. It grips extremely well and only pushes wide at the tightest corners under too much entry speed.

Dynamic mode also fixes the normally spongy brake feel to provide a much more progressive pedal response. The steering however, can be a little sharper. The engine sound lacks character and the exhaust is too muted for a hot hatch. Perhaps there is a plus side of this because in daily commute, the QV is as civilised and comfortable around town as it is fun in the back roads.

Recent Alfa Romeo models have shown better quality and the Giulietta continues that trend. The doors shut with a solid feel. Most switch gears are well-weighted and have a robust feel to them, while fit and finish are up to class standard.

The quality of materials in the cabin however is still a bit lacking.If you have any questions, concerns or wish to postpone please do give us a call on We do still have our self-tuning options available: www.

Over the last few weeks we have been working very hard on our developments. The latest release is for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 2.

The clearest message we have heard from Giulia owners is that the current setup of the exhaust flaps only being fully open in Race mode when traction control is disengaged fully is not ideal. Well We have listened to these comments and provided a pure software solution. With the Celtic Tuning ECU Remap customers can select the exhaust flap option enabling the fantastic sound of the engine to barble in Dynamic mode with traction control systems still in place.

Customers can feel safe in the knowledge that they can enjoy the full sound of their engines without fear of this rear wheel monster trying to stick itself in the nearest field. For more information and options available for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio please visit the following link:. Contact Us Request Quote.

UK Performance Store for Italian Cars

An ECU Remap for your exotic car can significantly improve your driving experience. With improved power and fuel economy one simple step away. Tuning your truck can improve your pulling power and fuel economy. See how Celtic Tuning can help you and your fleet. Towing power is essential for any farmer. Improve the power and fuel economy of your tractor with an ECU Remap. For more information, check out our demonstration video: For more information and options available for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio please visit the following link:.

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